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Enjoy a virtual stay at your hotel room before booking it!

What is the latest online reservation technology?

One of Fly Akeed’s customers could not believe he managed to get a seat on a flight he was certain it would be impossible to book. “Fly Akeed brings you the impossible right to your footstep!” he said excitedly. There is no doubt that technology enabled us to overcome many difficulties, and situations that would have otherwise seemed impossible. It reflects the fast-paced developments in the communications world in general and flight and hotel reservations in particular. After all, humans have come a long way over the past 200 years when it comes to interactions, and shortening the time and spatial gaps between them thanks to technology.  

In the mid nineteenth century, American painter Samuel Morse was able to send the first message via telegraph. By doing so, he marked the beginning of a new era in human history. Delivering a message without a messenger was as possible as finding the youth fountain. Yet, this was only the spark of a massive revolution in human communications that keep on developing and pushing forward in this age of Globalization.

With the prevalence of social media networks and communication technologies, time and space are not leveling experiences anymore. Technology now has the ability to dissolve limitations of space while expanding that of time, through exchanging an immense amount of information in no time at all. Consequently, the difference between an internet user and another nonuser in the same city is much more significant than two internet users in different locations like Riyadh and London for example. Both Riyadh and London internet users will have access to almost the same information and services. That is what Dan Barney means by saying “within web networks the access to networks and controlling information flow (data and information flow) are the only measures of strength and weakness”.  

Manuel Castells is a Catalan sociologist known for his magnum opus thesis on the information age. He believes that modern communication technologies and networks function as the gatekeepers of a world of opportunities, where life outside it becomes laborious. We all have experienced some of that “laborious life outside the virtual world” with travel applications, booking flights and hotels. Fly Akeed does not only provide its customers with precedence over others in booking limited seats flights, but it will also give you the opportunity to see the real difference between the experience you get and that of people still using traditional booking methods.

Booking a hotel room in a city during high season is an ordeal we all have tasted its sourness at one point in our lives or on several occasions. Let’s imagine a man running in the streets of Mecca, panting and gasping for air while trying to find a vacant hotel room to book. Instead of checking those hotels or best case scenario checking hundreds of booking websites online, he could simply and easily check the closest available hotel room using Google glass technology or what is known as Augmented Reality. This service would allow him to check the room, its price and even book it instantly. It is part of the enhanced reality technology which develops and refines user experience every day. Another interesting benefit of this service is the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the digital currency used in booking flights and hotels online. You can also buy and sell online with this coded digital Bitcoin. It is limited to online payments, but could be transferred into another traditional currency. Bitcoin could be transferred from one user account to another, with no need for bank accounts or worrying about transfer fees. Credit cards won’t be needed for payments anymore. As more and more people start using Bitcoin in Europe, companies are offering special discounts to those who pay with it. Experts suggest that Bitcoin will have similar popularity in the Middle East too.

In Golay 2014, one of the commentators anticipated that booking a room through Google Glass will soon be like testing it out before booking it. This service was launched in April 2015 via Oculus Rift technology which gives the user the opportunity to tour the hotel room and feel the surrounding environment with every corner of it in 3D virtual experience.

In the past, the best option we had was checking the photo gallery of a hotel and reading some reviews before making the booking decision. Now, thanks to virtual reality, we get to try out staying in a variety of hotel rooms, before picking one up. How do you expect upcoming technology to transform the travel experience?

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